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20 Dollar Chef - Pre-Date Avocado Tuna Tartare bits

Yes, Shit is spelled wrong in the header image, watch the episode and you’ll see why.

On this episode on the 20 Dollar Chef, we aren’t cooking a full meal. I went with a strong pre-date appetizer to eat with a glass of wine before heading out for a night on the town. “Avocado Tuna Tartare bits.”  It’s an easy way to save 40 bucks as well as getting some solid face time in your own world, your apartment. Having a couple glasses of wine and a nice appetizer at the house will cut into monies spent on the date.

I grabbed a piece of sushi grade tuna. my favorite piece of fish by a mile. Cut it up, throw in an avocado, some lemon, Soy, and sesame oil.. Mix it up, toss in some sesame seeds, and throw it on some tortilla chips! Eon ton chips of your feeling frisky! Add a little Siracha and some scallions as garnish and you are off and runnin!