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Rone Took The Skeens Family AKA Rough N Rowdy Royalty And Showed Them Every Possible Way To Put Down Raccoon Boy For Good

I’ve been a fan of the Skeens family since I met them at my 1st RNR years ago. Just a brood of straight brawlers who are as blue collar as it gets. Truly salt of the earth. It pains me that Steven Skeens is matched up against Raccoon Boy because I’m a huge fan of his too. And frankly I’m worried for him. RNR isn’t a joke to the Skeens family. They don’t wear costumes and rely on gimmick entrances. They just fight. And they always win.

I’m not counting out Raccoon Boy just yet since he packs plenty of punch himself and can rely on those naturally quick feet… But this is a tough matchup. It’s trouble anytime your opponent has a RNR jacket hanging up in their closet. The Skeens family has won more than I can count.

The hunt is coming live at 7 pm tomorrow night.

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