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I Am Living The Nightmare That Every Barstool Blogger Fears When They Start Working For This Fucked Up Company


As I get into immediately on the podcast above, there are lots of reasons I love my job. I get paid to cover my favorite stuff in the world, I can say almost whatever I want since my boss is crazier than anybody else in the company, and most importantly I can do it all in my underwear in the comfort of my own home.

However, there has always been one part of this job that always worried me since I started here as a new parent almost 6 years ago and the nightmare I always worried about became a reality this week.

Son of a bitchhhhhhhhh. I may not be one of the smuttier bloggers on this site, but in the last year alone I've taken on a Porn King in a wank battle, started running laps around my house for my NFL team, and demanded my coworker to cum himself then jump off a bridge. And that's just a few things that I've done in the last year that popped into my head. I know escaping the cubes and the rat race comes at a price, I just didn't think that price would be my kids' teachers looking at me for being a lunatic because they Googled my name and found out I have a longstanding beef with a bitch ass front running "skyscraper".

I know my kids disappointment in me is only going to grow as they get older in life and fully realize what I do. But I'm trying to hold off on them and everyone around them getting to that point for as long as possible. 

The one bright side in all this is that all the Boomers that just found out about Barstool think Portnoy is somewhere between a God and Robin Hood because of all the businesses that the Barstool Fund has helped out. So that's nice, even if there are some people that still thinks B*rst**l is the boogeyman. Luckily Large and Chaps walked me through how to handle talking to teachers and other parents that know you are a professional idiot.

Also on the pod:

- Homework is apparently no longer a thing for elementary school kids, which is fucking AWESOME for students, teachers, and most importantly parents.

- Large is taking care of another wounded pup while sharing stories of people who have had their dogs injured or worse at the groomers.

- Chaps' legendary PB&J run continues.

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