Barstool Poker....What's Not To Love?!!?

With the College World Series in Omaha finally coming to an end, it is time to focus on what is next for me at Barstool Sports. I enjoy being part of Picks Central on Barstool Sportsbook YouTube everyday at 11:55 EDT and the blogging has been a great addition the last few months. I am part of Stool Streams and The Dozen Trivia as well (CHAMPION HONKERS!) but I know there’s room to do so much more.

A month or so ago, Barstool Nate went on The Dave Portnoy Show and a challenge was made. Nate has to sell $50,000 worth of Cracking Aces (Barstool Poker Podcast) merchandise by the start of the 2021 WSOP Main Event in early November or he has to play with a Spider Man mask. I also will be firing the 2021 WSOP Main in early November and cannot wait to do Barstool content for it.

My name immdiately came up with the revival of Cracking Aces. Nate built up a good following and had a Who’s Who of the poker world on the show in the past including Daniel Negreanu and Joe Ingram. It just slowed down during COVID when the live poker world was brought to its knees. It is now back as an official Barstool Sports podcast with Nate, Smitty, myself and Owen Roeder as social. Poker Pro Jake Toole will also be contributing. I am a big fan of this lineup and see enormous potential.

I jumped instantly at this opportunity to be part of Cracking Aces. I was a poker pro from 2006-14 both online and in the South. Ever since I got hired, I have wanted to get the poker content rolling at Barstool Sports! I peaked in 2011 when I got 75th in the WSOP Main Event for $90,000 but also had a lot more success during my time in New Orleans. I was top 200 in the world online at one point and also did very well on the Southern Poker circuit.

When I got hired in October, I did an episode with Nate and Jake Toole that you can check out here telling the story of my former poker career.

We are taping episodes weekly on Tuesdays and have gotten a REAL good response so far. Nate and I are both extremely passionate about poker and I look forward to working with him both on the podcast and with this blog. 

Here is a link to our 1st episode with this new Cracking Aces lineup

The amount of opportunity for Barstool and poker literally blows my mind. The potential is limitless with our ties with PENN Gaming casinos around the nation! This podcast is the start of a special journey and I am thrilled to be apart of it. The time is now to embrace Barstool Poker for the stoolies!