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Port Authority Official And All Around Terrible Person Verbally Destroys Police Officers For Pulling Over Her Daughter

Source - A former Port Authority official flaunted her credentials and told two New Jersey cops to “shut the f–k up” during a traffic stop that prompted her to resign this week, according to dash cam footage released Tuesday.

Caren Turner, a Port Authority board member who oversaw the ethics committee, bullied a pair of Tenafly police officers during a traffic stop that involved her teen daughter during the Easter weekend, the video shows.

She demanded the officers address her by her title and to know the specifics of the traffic stop. The cops refused to entertain her requests, other than to briefly explain that the vehicle was not registered and would be towed. But Turner insisted she was “here as a concerned citizen and a friend of the mayor.”

I like to avoid swearing in the first sentence of my blogs, but holy shit do I hate this woman. Every word out of her mouth is more cringeworthy than the next. I genuinely feel bad for the daughter and her friends. They had to sit there for sixteen minutes while this idiot preached her privilege to those two officers. Who, by the way, are SAINTS for not tazing that lady into oblivion. We joke around about college kids threatening authority figures with their parents but this is worse.

One of the officers was visibly stunned in the March 31 footage as she flashed her gold commissioner badge and repeatedly tried smoothing over the ordeal for her daughter and her friends, all of whom were 18 or over.

“That’s my daughter,” Turner said, later boasting that she and her friends were Ph.D. students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Yale University. “She’s the backseat passenger. She was not the driver. This is not her vehicle. This is not your vehicle,” he said.

MIT, Yale, Ph.D, the badge. It makes me want to puke. She then went on to call them both holiday-ruining disappointments. A pretty good insult if it wasn’t coming from her. I could spend another thousand words breaking down the entire conversation but here are some of the best parts.

 “I hope you have a really nice holiday weekend because you just ruined it for a lot of people” Turner said. “Shame on both of you. I will be talking with the chief of police and I will be speaking with the mayor,” she threatened, as the five passengers shuttled into another car.

“You are not a nice person and five people are crying. You’ve ruined their Easter. You’ve ruined their Passover,” Turner chided, adding that a foreign guest was among them.

“You’ve got an investment banker in there from London,” she said.

Turner held her Port Authority role until Monday, when she resigned as news of an inspector general’s investigation into her misconduct surfaced. Former N.J. Gov. Chris Christie appointed her to the board in 2017. The Port Authority said Monday she had been accused of violating the board’s “newly enacted code of ethics.”

At least she got fired. I feel like for every bad police officer that makes news there are ten good ones that don’t. This is one of those stories. It would’ve been really satisfying easy for them to whip her onto the hood of the car but they didn’t. They let her dig her own grave. Good riddance, Caren. And good luck getting another job.