Barack Obama Will Be The First Guest On David Letterman's Netflix Show

I’m excited for this show. It gives me a Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee vibe (which I’m a huge fan of). The formula is pretty simple. Get a super famous host who has been around forever and has connections with everyone (David Letterman/Jerry Seinfeld) then land MEGA MEGA MEGA MEGA guests every single episode so people will tune in. That’s what Crackle does with CICGC and what Netflix is trying to do with Letterman’s new show. George Clooney, Malala Yousafzai, Howard Stern, Jay Z, Tina Fey is a monster line up of guests. Former president Barack Obama certainly falls into that category of a mega guest. In fact, he was on an episode of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee and it was great. There’s something very appealing about a talk show where the host is a mega star in their own right and they talk to other mega stars.. It’s just fun to watch.

Letterman’s show has a chance to be better than CICGC because Letterman is willing to press and fuck with people. Seinfeld lofts softball after softball on his show and it’s still very good. Hopefully Letterman turns back the clock and throws some bows with his guests. If he does, it’ll be a great show. If he doesn’t, it’ll still be a pretty damn good show. Shout out to Netflix for making it rain on the biggest names in show business and giving them interesting shows. That’s pretty cool.