Blake Bortles Post-Game Press Conference Nearly Made Me Cry Football Tears

I mean, it’s been a rough decade. It’s been a rough first 3 years of Blake’s spot as the starting QB. I thought we’d win like 4-5 games this year. It broke the long streak. Everyone in Jacksonville is beyond thrilled about what happened this year. The stands are full, the players are cocky, and the playoffs are on the horizon. Incredible.

Now with New England beating Pittsburg and Tennesse losing to the 49ers, Jacksonville sits squarely in the 3rd seed of the AFC. If Jacksonville wins out and Pittsburg and New England lose one of their remaining 2 games, the Jaguars could move up to as high as the 1 seed.

The Jaguars haven’t won a division title since 1999 and can do that next week in San Fran. Not bad for a team that had damn near 10 years straight of drafting in the top 10. It’s hard to put into words just how bad it has been watching the Jaguars play for the last ten years. Year after year of disappointment. Year after year of bad quarterback play. Year after year of not having top-5 talent develop into the stars they were destined to be. Blake knows about that and it was nice to hear him acknowledge it.

I didn’t expect the Jaguars to make the playoffs this year. I didn’t expect them to win more than 5 games. I’ve never been so happy to be so wrong.