Wake Up With Jason Varitek Vs. Alex Rodriguez (2004)

Tonight’s the night. December 15th. Rough N Rowdy, there will be blood. On this day, the blood was coming out of Tanyon Sturtze’s ears. Tonight, it might be coming out of Tex’s eyes. We don’t know. You’ll have to order Rough N Rowdy to find out. In honor of fight night, we present to you the mother of all baseball fights. The curveball that didn’t curve, which sparked the brawl that ignited one of the greatest championships in professional sports. Back in the glory days when the Red Sox and Yankees actually hated each other. Back when a rivalry tweet with fire emojis actually would’ve meant something.

But tonight, it’s not Alex Rodriguez and Jason Varitek going at it; it’s Handsome Hank and Tex throwing the ones and twos. No catcher’s masks to protect anybody’s face and no frosted tips to distract from the action. That goes for Kevin Millar just as much as it goes for A-Rod. Only one man can win this fight. Tune in tonight to find out which man that will be. CLICK HERE TO ORDER THE ROUGH N ROWDY FIGHT.