Anthony Weiner Tries Pointless Sex Rehab, Is Probably Gay Now


Editor’s Note: Big Ging asked if he could blog today and we said hey, send over what you got. Smitty blogged his stand up documentary today, he did the best video yesterday, and now he’s blawgin again. What do you think?

Anthony Weiner is trying to get his wife to call off the divorce, and personally I hope she goes through with it. Not from some feminist-power standpoint, but more because I want to see what the Weiner can do when he’s completely off the leash. Walking down 5th avenue eating a hot dog, his 3-foot giraffe neck swaying in the wind, a trail of sopping vaginas in his wake. That’s his element. He doesn’t belong in politics or marriages. He belongs in Chinatown, getting his chest waxed and shopping for underage hookers and cashmere scarves to keep that enormous neck warm. I mean look at this guy.

What’s that old saying? You can dress a dog up but you can’t stop the dog from texting dick pics to every woman he knows. But apparently he’s making an effort:

Weiner was packed off to a $25,000, 35-day, all-male sex rehabilitation program at the Recovery Ranch in Tennessee, where he was seen horseback riding in the woods.

Holy moly. This isn’t a sex rehab program, it’s a Brokeback Mountain theme park. What’s the best way to get the horniest men on earth to stop cheating on their wives and sending nudes to underage girls? Make them gay. You know those conversion preachers in the south who convert gay men to straight? This place does the exact opposite. Personally, I would be way more excited about gay camp than scared-straight Sunday school. Arts and crafts, fondue stations, unlimited blowjobs in canoes… I’m never leaving.

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