Dodgers Respond To Last Night's Incident With T-Shirts Trolling Madison Bumgarner

I wrote this morning about how Madison Bumgarner is the biggest hardo in the MLB (the second time I’ve had to write that), and how he’s basically a mega douchebag for this fake tough guy act that he’s had going on for several years now. I honestly don’t know what the fuck his deal is with Yasiel Puig. I mean, the guy literally just tapped a grounder, and ran the ball out hard. Tommy Tough Nuts was yelling “Don’t look at me!” at Puig, but guess what, asshole? You had to have been looking at Puig to notice that he was looking at you, and he was only giving you a look of “what’s this asshole looking at?” because he noticed that you were grilling him for no reason.

Good for the Dodgers for mocking Bumgarner here. Again, all the credit in the world goes to him for being one of the game’s top pitchers. He’s my pick for Cy Young runner-up in the National League this year. But the fake tough guy act needs to go. With the Dodgers pretty much a lock to win the NL West, it’ll be great if these two teams link up in the postseason, but the way the Giants have been playing in the second half of the season — 22-38, the worst record in the majors — I’d be surprised if they make it there at all. They came into today tied with the St. Louis Cardinals for the second Wild Card spot.