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This Filipino Chick Assassinates Drug Dealers For A Living


Info and pics from BBC

The Philippines is a wild place. To us it’s just a pile of islands kind of “over there” near Asia. A place that’s beautiful, but dicey. A place where you could show up with a $5 bill and build a palace. And, like virtually everywhere else in the world, a place with a massive drug problem.

Counteractively, it has an absolutely RUTHLESS president. Our man Rodrigo Duterte — who I’ve written about a few times — is the recently elected president of the Philippines who campaigned on all sorts of wild platforms (one of his quotes saying that it’s okay to kill a journalist as long as the journalist is a son of a bitch).

One of Duterte’s key platforms was a very clear and verbal commitment to straight up KILL drug dealers. He actually said he would kill 100,000 drug dealers and dump their bodies in Manila Bay.

Since taking office a few months ago, he has practiced what he preached.

Insert Maria — a young, oft nervous Filipino woman. What’s Maria’s full-time gig? Assassination. She is a government-sanctioned assassin, specializing in drug dealers:

Maria, not her real name, now carries out contract killings as part of the government-sanctioned war on drugs. She is part of a hit team that includes three women, who are valued because they can get close to their victims without arousing the same suspicion a man would.


Duterte is directly enlisting police and citizens alike to kill drug dealers. And Maria here is not fucking around.

Since President Duterte was elected, and urged citizens and police to kill drug dealers who resisted arrest, Maria has killed five more people, shooting them all in the head.


Now THAT’s a war on drugs. Here we are in America with thousands of degenerates in prison for slinging coke at the local community college. Meanwhile Duterte’s got Charlie’s Angels out there shooting drug dealers in the dome. Our shit’s like “recess playtime on drugs” — theirs is fucking war.

PS — Serious question: how many chicks do you know that would be PERFECT for this job? Duterte is a genius. “Oh chicks are all pyschos that despise men, let’s have them ‘get close to their targets without arousing suspicion’ then murder them when the time is right.” Fucking genius. Philippines’ war on drugs one of the most impressive operations I’ve ever seen.