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Raw Video Of The K2 Addicts In Brooklyn Is Straight Out Of The Walking Dead

Dude scares family outside of the bodega:

Zombie Apocalypse up in this bitch! Everywhere you look another half dead corpse. Slumped over a fire hydrant, stumbling down the streets, unconscious on the street, or – my personal favorite – the dude bursting on to the street like fucking Frankenstein scaring the family of tourists.

The dude in that video and picture above penned a nice little article for the NY Post too:

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 9.11.58 AM


In the article he said that he was having some sort of reaction and he felt like his throat was closing up.

“I was choking,” Jones said, when asked why he targeted the group. “I ran out to get help, my throat was swelling up and I couldn’t breathe.”

In the video, Jones can be seen screaming at the top of his lungs as he runs up on the family, his arms flailing violently.

“My f—ing throat, my f—ing throat is on fire!” he shouted, according to witnesses.

“Get it out, get it out!”

So I mean lets give that guy a pass. He said he felt bad and he couldnt breathe. You’d probably react the same way.

Now the question is, whats happened to the K2? The only reason for all these overdoses to occur at the same place at the same time means there has to be a bad batch of Spice out there. All these junkies trying to work that K2 loophole since its not really illegal or whatever are probably smoking straight up dish washer detergent or something. Its goddam Night of the Living Dead and until this batch is finished. Bad for K2 skells and tourist families….great for bloggers. K2 has saved my ass this week in the dog days of summer blogging.