Do Stoolies Roll With Cash Or Credit?



So yesterday we did a KFC Radio episode and naturally the talk began with Pres’s Wallet Blog. Now for me a wallet means absolutely nothing. My wallet is as plain as it gets, black leather, average size, whatever. And the reason I don’t actually care about my wallet is because all I care about is what is in my wallet. My wallet is a place holder. If I’m flush it’s the best wallet in the world, if I’m broke, my wallet is a piece of shit. It has nothing to do with the exterior.


So I made this point last night and said all I care about is cash and a bunch of stoolies got on me for carrying cash. Am I the odd man out here? I exclusively deal in cash. It’s called staying off the grid. No one knows where I spend my money. They just know that on Friday afternoon I usually take 300 dollars out of the atm on the corner and by Sunday I’m broke again. What happens in between is strictly my business. People who use cards are fucking idiots if you ask me. Just leaving thumb prints everywhere they go. Being that guy at dinner who throws his card when everyone else has cash. Fuck that. Cash is king. In the words of Randy Moss…


So what do stoolies usually do, Vote 1 for Credit and 10 for Cash.


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Dealing only in cash might also have something to do with the fact that I’ve left my credit card tab open at a bar roughly 10,000 times in my life.