Here's What It Would Look Like If The 2016 Red Sox Were A 90's Sitcom

The 2016 Red Sox still have their issues — mainly pitching — but I don’t think there’s any debate over whether or not they’ve been fun to watch. The 2013 World Series washed away the stink of the 2012 debacle, but then we had to sit through the 2014 and 2015 shit storms. Actually, I don’t really remember 2014 being all that bad. I was still high off the 2013 championship, and there were still plenty of familiar faces from that 2013 team to ease the pain of a shitty season. But 2015? Brutal. It was just all around depressing. From Pablo Sandoval being an underachieving dickhead, Hanley Ramirez being a disaster in left field, Dustin Pedroia missing more than 40% of the season with an injury, trading Mike Napoli, trading Shane Victorino, Clay Buchholz actually being good and then missing the whole second half of the season with an injury, Koji Uehara fracturing his wrist, and Don Orsillo getting fired. Wow, fuck the 2015 season.

The 2016 Red Sox might be a flawed team, but damn it, they’re our flawed first place team, and they’re making baseball fun again in Boston.