Turns Out We're All Iowans At Heart

iowa trent

Well how do you like that!  As you know the Boston site just post the “Which Barstool Blogger Are You” quiz and the vast majority of you got me.  See?  We’re not that different after all.  It actually turns out most of you are exactly like me.  Lucky you.  It also turns out that Iowa isn’t some alien planet that doesn’t truly exist, it’s actually a place that you want to live which shouldn’t be all the surprising because this is the greatest state on the map.  I will say I’m a little confused by all of the people on Twitter saying they’re going to commit suicide no.  Um what?  That makes zero sense.  You guys saw my figure skating routine, right?  How could you not want to be that guy?  Pussy magnet to the max.  Don’t fight the fact that you’re all honorary Iowans.  Embrace it.  We’re the coolest mother fuckers on the planet.  And if you ever wanna come over and watch Tommy Boy my door is always open.

Take the quiz here and find out that you’re most likely me.