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Remember Courtney Stodden? Me Neither, But Her Video Endorsement Of Bernie Sanders Is Extremely Disturbing

Yup. That’s some weird stuff right there. Even money the only Bern this bitch is feeling is for the 10 seconds after she pisses. I think the most disturbing aspect of all of this is this thing is 21 going on 40 with a face for Anime. Who the hell told her to get all that plastic surgery? Well, probably the same people who told her it was cool to get married at 16 to a 50-year-old non-A-list actor. So I guess that answers that. Even those tits look like they’re ready to pop and take out a village. At least she hasn’t lost the good ol’ fashioned batshit in her.

And THAT was the moment where I realized why my family cringes when they think about me as a blogger (among many other things, of course). Oh, what did you do today? Just watch a few clips of mentally unstable whores dressed as Hello Kitty shoving their clear hooker heels into litter boxes. No biggie.