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Judging By This Quote From Alec Baldwin, I'm Going To Take A Guess And Say He's Not A Big TMZ Guy

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And that ladies and gentleman is how you drop a quote. A festering boil on the anus of American media. Laying out in detailed description how you would murder a person and watch them bleed. Alec Baldwin just walking around with some INTENSE rage inside of his body for TMZ. In the words of our old friend Clayton Bigsby, if you’ve got hate in your heart, let it out. This also solidifies Alec Baldwin as the number 1 celebrity you don’t want to fuck with, right? I mean we’ve all seen him flip out on the paparazzi. We’ve seen him look like shit walking down a New York street, screaming and pushing people to get the fuck out of his way. Well now we know that wasn’t just an act. He truly wants to murder the people at TMZ. And he may say he’s gotten over it but he definitely hasn’t. If he could find a way to kill Harvey Weinstein without ever going to jail he would in a heartbeat. Gotta respect that out of a man. Everyone  needs a couple hardcore enemies in their life. It’s healthy