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Carlos Alcaraz's Agent On What Worries Him Most About The Star Tennis Player: "The Girls. Definitely The Girls"

Clive Brunskill. Getty Images.

Carlos Alcaraz has the tennis world in the palm of his hands. At just 21 years of age he's already won a grand slam title on every surface in the game, becoming the youngest man to ever do so. He's ranked 2nd in the world and amassed over $31M in career earnings. If injuries don't get in the way he's well on his way to becoming an all-time great. 

So what's the one thing his agent is worried about? Women. 

First of all, if I'm Carlos I'm furious that my agent said this out loud. Might as well put an open season sign on Carlos wherever he goes now. Hey everybody, this 21 year old superstar athlete is incredibly easily to manipulate. Have at it! What a dumb thing to say to the public. 

Obviously this message is about Carlos being naive when it comes to trusting women who are interested in him. It's funny to think about him seeing a sexbot message him though and believing she actually wants to meet up. Guy is going over to his buddies bragging about this hot girl interested in him only to realize she's just trying to hack his bank account. No Carlos, don't respond to the "nudes in profile" woman. He's just 21, can't imagine being in his spot at that age with all the opportunities being thrown his way. 

By all accounts, Alcaraz is a very mild-mannered polite young man. He's friendly with everyone on tour and always has a smile on his face when talking to the media. This was from his celebration the night he won the French. 


(ATP Tour) “Yesterday, I celebrated with my family, with the people that came from Murcia, with my friends,” said the No. 2 in the PIF ATP Rankings of his Sunday night. “We went out to dinner and obviously I did everything I haven’t been doing during the tournament and ate what I hadn’t been eating. I’m normally careful with gluten, but I took my foot off the pedal and let myself go a little bit. Also, we had to celebrate with champagne, the time was right.

And now with all this fame, money, and success come the women trying to woo him. Carlos gets to see his rival Jannik Sinner get to date fellow tennis player Anna Kalinskaya

Aussie tennis player Alex de Minaur has been with Britain's Katie Boulter for years


Back during the Aussie earlier in the year Carlos, in a light hearted moment. froze when he was asked to name a single WTA player he watches on tour. 

Alright maybe another tennis player isn't in the cards. Let's find him a beautiful local girl who has a good head on her shoulders and just likes him for him! Just keep him away from the professional baby mamas like Moriah Mills and Aaleeyah Petty please. If someone hurts Carlos I'll riot. Protect this man at all costs.