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Zion Williamson Has Some Serious Baby Mama Drama And His OnlyFans Ex Moriah Mills Is Putting His Business All Over Twitter


Something tells me Zion Williamson probably has his phone on Do Not Disturb today. Just yesterday he posted a video to Youtube from his gender reveal party telling the world that he was having a baby girl with his girlfriend Ahkeema.

They seemed happy as could be and the entire world was congratulating Zion on his soon to be daughter.

Well the entire world outside of his side chick, OnlyFans model Moriah Mills. Moriah and Zion apparently have had a relationship going for quite some time. They were serious enough to where he was talking about moving her to New Orleans and she let him "fuck (her) so many ways" and even spit in her mouth as recently as last week.

I just became single again but from what I hear these are the signs that you are in a serious relationship these days. Ass eating, spitting in each others mouths, basically any way you can exchange bodily fluid that the a doctor would strongly discourage is how you show love and affection in the lord's year 2023. 

Back on March 25th Moriah posted this little video showing off her dancing skills and asked a very important question, "me or your girlfriend?"

(It won't let me embed the Tweet here so you can click and see for yourself.)

Well it seems as though Zion answered that question loud and clear. Zion, much like KB, gone have that...and his other girlfriend too.

Where it gets really messy is that Mariah says she motivated Zion to get back in shape and convinced him he would be the next LeBron. The type of loving motivation one hopes to find in a relationship built around kinky sex and hocking loogies in each other's faces. 


The only problem is I'm pretty sure he never actually got in shape. I mean Zion looked really good for 29 games averaging 26, 7, and 5. But that has never been the issue. The issue is he can't stay healthy because he is carrying around what seems to be an extra 25 pounds of weight on that massive frame.

We keep worrying about the weight of Zion's body on his feet but maybe we should be worrying about is the weight of Zion's baby mama drama on his mental. Because I don't know how anyone can concentrate on basketball with a bunch of OnlyFans girls and strippers putting your business out on the street. 

Zion better just hope his boys weren't swimming in two canals at once. Because Moriah is late and she doesn't strike me as the kind of baby mama that will be super chill to co-parent with for the next 18 years.  


I hope we get to see Zion back on the court next season because he is becoming a side show. Whether it's him putting on a solo dunk contest in warmups but not actually playing in the game or him having chicks battle over him on Twitter, he's way more relevant for things off the court right now than things on it. 

And for a guy who came into the league with as much hype and promise as he did, that's a damn shame. 

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