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A Modern Day Romeo And Juliet: Brandon Ingram's Baby Mama Aaleeyah Petty Is Now Having a Kid With Blazers Guard Anfernee Simons

Who doesn't love a good love story? Romeo and Juliet. When Harry Met Sally. The Notebook. Well, I've got another one to add to the list. Whatever the hell is going on here. 

Now hand up, I'm not familiar with Aaleeyah Petty but she's got over a million followers on Instagram so let's give some respect where it's due. NBA players like Quincy Miller, Tristan Thompson, Cam Payne, Brandon Ingram, and now Anfernee Simons are well aware of this woman. Ingram and Simons a step further than the others as you'll learn. 

(BSO) It was a bit of a challenge for Aaleeyah Petty to determine the father of her first child, but it was eventually confirmed to be Brandon Ingram from the New Orleans Pelicans.

This time around, Petty had an easier time identifying the father of her second child. Anfernee Simmons from the Portland Trail Blazers was present at her baby shower. Although Petty attempted to conceal his face in the photos, his tattoos and other family members’ pictures gave away his identity via Wags Unfiltered.

Pour some out as another one bites the dust. Gotta appreciate how she did try to conceal Simons' identity on her post by half blocking out his name in the background and not showing his face if you swipe a few pics. 

Yeah can't be too sure, oh wait.  

Ingram and Simons unable to get out of the building without a kid. BI's current contract? 5 years $158M. Simons? 4 year $100M. Neither over the age of 26. Second big contracts surely on the way at some point. That's scouting I wish the Knicks had. 

Anyways, we don't shame here. Do BI and Simons maybe wish they had more awareness? Well, that's a teammate problem. No one looking out for them it seems. You gotta be asking questions. As for Petty, all you can do is tip your cap.