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The Rock Brought Back A Vest From 2000 On The Final RAW Before WrestleMania

This obviously isn't a huge story, so I don't even know how blog worthy it is, but I got a kick out of it - and if we're gonna have fashion blogs like these on the site, we midas whale do a few men's fashion blogs on shit like what The Rock was wearing on RAW, right? What do you think?

The Rock kicked off the final RAW before WrestleMania in Brooklyn tonight in perfect "Final Boss" Rock fashion….

….an ELECTRIFYING entrance, followed by a hilarious promo, where he brought up (and actually played) the videos of little kids crying because they thought he killed Cody Rhodes last week….

….and did it in the same exact cowskin vest he wore on a random episode of RAW in June of 2000. Pretty awesome if ya ask me.

When he brought Roman Reigns out, there was once again a tease that the main event on Sunday would be a "Bloodline Rules" match (which would be the stipulation if Reigns/Rock win the tag team match against Cody Rhodes/Seth Rollins on Night 1)

At this point, I'd be shocked if that DIDN'T happen - not only to end WrestleMania with the visual of The Rock and Roman Reigns standing tall, undoubtedly building the hype for Night 2, but to set up a crazy main event even bigger than last year's Reigns/Rhodes clash. Weapons get involved, outside interference and ref bumps galore, the boys get busted open, etc.

I don't want to fantasy book and get everyone's hopes up too much, but there's a lot of theories out there that this angle is actually mirroring the Avengers Infinity Saga storyline (yes I'm serious)….

….and I don't know how "on purpose" that is, if at all - but an 'Avengers Assemble' moment in the main event, with everyone who The Bloodline has wronged/cheated throughout Roman's title reign preventing them from cheating Cody once again? 

Giphy Images.

That would be pretty incredible. 

To take it one step further - some combination of Seth Rollins/Jey Uso/Kevin Owens/Sami Zayn come to help Cody out, but The Rock overwhelms them….and then….glass shatters.

What if the ONE MAN who knows the Rock better than anyone else in wrestling made an appearance to take him out on last time? I mean realistically, if you need someone to stop Dwayne Johnson, you gotta call in Steve Austin.

Does it make any real sense in this story? Not really - other than Stone Cold and The Rock being lifelong rivals - but it'd get a pop that would register on the Richter Scale and make mainstream headlines instantly (something the WWE loves). If everyone comes out to help Cody we could also get a moment that mirrors the roster lifting up Bret Hart in the main event of WrestleMania X, which I think would be sweet.

Again - don't let this fantasy booking get your hopes up that Stone Cold is coming back and WrestleMania will suck if he doesn't. If I had to put money on it, I'd say he ISN'T actually gonna come back and the main event is gonna be awesome anyway. It'd be pretty cool tho.

RAW ended with The Rock and Roman Reigns laying a beatdown on Cody Rhodes/Seth Rollins after Cody made a surprise appearance, and definitely made me more excited for WrestleMania. The Night 1/Night 2 main events being tied together for the first time (combined with the fact that it's a rematch) makes this feel like one of the bigger WrestleMania main events ever.

Brandon Walker and I will be at WWE World in Philly later this week, competing in the WWE 2k24 "celebrity" tournament on Thursday afternoon and hanging at the 2k booth on Friday. Then on Saturday and Sunday, we'll be at WrestleMania with the Nate Dawg and Cody from the social team - make sure to come say what's up if you see us!