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Fashion Blog - I've Never Seen Anything Quite Like This Shirt!


You guys know I've been doing fashion blogs for a few years now. Any time I'm scrolling IG and I see something that really takes my breath away as a fashionista I share it with the world. It's not every week or every month, usually just a few times a year, I'm not a whore. I don't think everything is worthy of a fashion blog. It has to razzle and dazzle and be something I want everyone to be aware of.

We've seen a lot of new fashion over the years. Who could forget this dress?!



Or this sweater!



And I think we all remember where we were when polka dots made a comeback, my goodness what a day that was!



And now today, I humbly present to you…the shirt of the fall. I don't know what else to call it. Maybe just The Shirt. 



Look at the fashion world going bananas for it!


Giphy Images.


Just a remarkable shirt. You might be thinking "but it's November 20th, she's going to freeze". Oh stop it, you naive child, fashion doesn't follow the same calendar as us! Plus she's Australian so everything is reversed anyway, but still, American ladies, don't let a little nip in the air stop you from…well…getting your nips in the air (Barney Stinson voice). 

So hey, happy Fashion Blog to all who celebrate.

And in case you are wondering where you recognize today's model from, she was also featured in old blogs, mostly titled "Twins!!!"



Ain't the world great?

Til next time, fashionista OUT!


PS: I used a different shirt for the thumbnail from this Reel. But that's a Summer shirt. We're onto Fall. Did a little zigging and zagging for my fashion bros out there. Gotta keep up.