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Fashion Blog: Everyone Should Just Copy What Blake Lively Does

Gotham. Getty Images.

Fashion blog and a pretty simple one at that. Everyone should just look like Blake Lively. Certainly not everyone has the money she does so this task becomes difficult to achieve for the average schmo, but holy moly she's been doing this for nearly two decades and hasn't missed a beat. Everywhere I go on my timeline I've got people raving about her look at this Michael Kors fashion shoot, and rightfully so. Just haymaker after haymaker. She's bordering on LeBron with staying in her prime for as long as she has. Oh and she just popped out her fourth kid. Lord have mercy. 

Jamie McCarthy. Getty Images.
Gilbert Carrasquillo. Getty Images.

I don't really know how anyone else showed up to this fashion show, saw what she looked like, and stood around to have their picture taken. 

Blake Lively just wins. Always had. Always will. Ryan Reynolds is a close personal friend (we follow each other on Twitter and have never interacted) but I have jealous rage towards that man. What a life.