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Breaking Down Mad Dog Russo's Top 5 Things He Dislikes About Christmas

It's been so long since I've consumed Mad Dog content on a daily basis by my God is the man just the damn best. A reminder just this year alone he grabbed headlines for hating Thanksgiving...

Threatened to end his career if the DBacks won the NLCS down 3-2 and then got called a fraud by Howard Stern

and talked about being baked out of his gord on gummies

That was this year along folks. Go down a rabbit hole of some of his greatest hits and you'll be laughing for hours. The man is electric, hate him or love him. However, not all things are rainbows and ponies when it comes to Mad Dog, especially after seeing his list of things he dislikes about Christmas, let's dive into it. 

5- Mom's Veal Parm

This seems like a very bizarre item to have on the list. Veal Parm is a terrific dish and if you ask me is without a doubt overshadowed by Chicken Parm. Everyone and their mother thinks they can do Chicken Parm and do it top tier. Don't get me wrong it's really good, but I do feel it being everyone's go to item makes Veal Parm slept on. So I am very much pro Veal Parm, which makes me think he must have a point. Veal Parm is very easy to be good, like almost impossible to screw up. Mrs. Russo must be a DISASTER in the kitchen if she screws up Veal Parm by burning it.

4- Church An Hour Early 

He's got a point here. Having to get to Church like your tailgating a game is insane. Just the damn worst. Also being jammed packed in a church for hours stinks. Point Russo. 

3- Presents Under The Tree 

Another good point. God Bless my mother but she still hides the presents instead of wrapping them and putting them under the tree like a month in advance. Christmas Eve we have to carry up bags of our own presents. All my siblings are in their 20's and 30's. Absolutely ridiculous move to hide the presents. 

2- Who's Hanging Lights?

He can't really complain about this one. Lights are part of the deal. Man of the house … it's on you to put up the lights. Although I don't hate him paying a guy to do it. Especially since he's rich but more so for a guy like me who isn't handy … if you want it done right … pay. 

1- It's A Wonderful Life 

This is where he loses me. This is a beautiful beautiful movie and one of my favorite things about the season. Have a heart for Christ Sakes Mad Dog … Lighten up and enjoy the inspirational story. 

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Hat tip to Jimmy Traina who is a Mongo's Mongo and always has the pulse on all things Mike and The Mad Dog. Good follow.