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Howard Stern Says Mad Dog Russo Should Be Called "Mad Fraud" Russo After Backing Out Of Yet Another Bet

Awful Announcing - Chris “Mad Dog” Russo botched his NLCS prediction, he botched his retirement, and he botched one of his strongest allies in Howard Stern.

Last week, Russo wagered his career on the NLCS, vowing to retire if the Philadelphia Phillies didn’t advance to the World Series. And despite doubling and tripling down on the wager, Russo promptly backpedaled away from the bet after the Arizona Diamondbacks beat Philly in seven games.

After nixing a few ideas, Russo agreed to walk a block in Manhattan while wearing a Diamondbacks branded bikini. Apparently, less than a week after agreeing to do the bikini punishment, Russo has once again reneged on his promise and Stern’s listeners aren’t thrilled.

“My listeners are furious with Mad Dog for pulling out his obligation to make good on a walk of shame punishment,” Stern said this week before reading some angry emails from his audience.

“Listen, I’m out of this Mad Dog thing,” Stern continued. “I don’t want to be involved in it anymore. I offered him a solution.”

Just an absolute joke from Mad Fraud Russo. What a fall from grace, from one of the best to ever do it. This really makes me sad. I want to live in a world where Chris Russo is at the top of the sports media world, not one in which he makes a bet to retire, then welches on that bet, and goes on Howard Stern with some lame way of wiggling out of it, and then welches on that part of the punishment again. Frankly it's really just a flat out joke. Mad Dog is better than this. This is what an up and coming does, this is what a nobody from some small town news station does. This is not what Mad Dog, of of the titans of the industry should be doing. To see a man that is an icon like this be reduced to essentially a LIAR is horrible to watch. 

The really dumb part here is that it's all Mad Dog's fault. All he had to do was honor Stern’s stupid bet of the thong, the first thing he could have done was actually retire (even for just a year) but it’s too far gone at this point so he double screwed up. Once he started wiggling out of it the first time, then the second time he looks pathetic. Also no one made him make this bet so he has himself to blame for being so brash against the D-Backs anyway. All time fumble by Mad Fraud.