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Chris "Mad Dog" Russo Said He Is Going To Have The Best Saturday Ever Full Of Drinking, Gummies, And Betting On Colorado In A Rant That SHOCKED Stephen A. Smith And Left Marcus Spears Speechless

To really appreciate this you have to fully understand just how absolutely hilarious, entertaining and ridiculous Chris Russo is. I know he’s now become main stream with his MLB and ESPN gigs but his start came back on the airwaves of WFAN where he mad Mike Francesa revolutionized sports talk radio as we know it.  Being a kid listening in the back of a car to Mike and The Mad Dog was iconic. Mad Dog was the showman but some of his funniest moments were so unintentional it made them that much better, like these. 

mismanaging bath time 

His dancing 

And hearing that over the top intro to every show 

The man is a showman. 

So to hear him peel back the curtain and start talking about “being sauced” and taking gummies and playing down 10k on a game with his guy “fat Rob” while almost outing his phone number is just spectacular. Never in a million years did I see this story coming but now I need all of it. Give me all the unleashed Chris Russo party stories. Unreal. Just an amazing tv moment from a guy I grew up listening to who I thought was just a boring old radio host. Life of the party. 


Imagine the vibes with Mad Dog, Smacky Jables and Bald Paul at the clubs!