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Urban Meyer Says Anyone Criticizing Ryan Day For His Post Game Rant Is An IDIOT

Listen up, I'm fine if you disagree with the way Ryan Day handled his postgame media opportunity. If you wanted him to calmly and politely respond after beating a Top 10 Notre Dame on the road in the last SECOND on a play where every single person in the world knew it was going to be a run up the middle, fine. It was our best vs their best. Our 11 vs their 10. And with the entire conglomerate of sports media saying we weren't a tough football team, we outmuscled them to gain the yard we needed and win the game. And if you really wanted him to be humble in victory because you're such an upstanding human being that you don't listen to any outside noise or get upset when people lie about you? Okay, that's your take. But the take I refuse to listen to after seeing this video is that Urban Meyer is playing favorites or "defending his guy".

Let me tell you who one of Urban Meyer's biggest mentors was: Lou Holtz. Long before Ryan Day was even leading the country in winning percentage against ranked teams, Lou Holtz was "Urban's guy" when he hired him to his first big job as reciever's coach for....Notre Dame. And the way loyalty works, it's the people who you started with that you ultimately defend the most. Everyone knows that. It's called loyalty. And is there anyone that honestly thinks Urban isn't a loyal guy? 

Exactly. So why is Urban choosing sides with Ryan Day here instead of Lou Holtz? It's because……Ryan Day was right. In all honesty, what was Ryan Day supposed to do? I'm sick and tired of the public reaction to this story being so blatantly wrong. Yeah, Dave Portnoy, a Michigan Man, can have his little schtick about Ohio State and Notre Dame being rivals, blah blah blah. That's funny. What's not funny is the rest of the clowns saying that Ryan Day was in any way out of pocket for being weird (Marty Mush), bizarre (Big Tennessee) , or deserved a "what the fuck?" (Jeff D. Lowe). Big Ev is the only one who it's get!! And that's not just because he's another Ohio State grad, it's because he realizes that the entire world was chirping the Buckeyes for being soft and we rammed it right down Notre Dame and that old fuck's throat. 

Whatever, as Urban points out, you're all idiots. Sit there and let the entire country call you soft, emasculate another supposedly "tough" team in front of millions of eye balls, and then bite your tongue when you get the mic. He wasn't talking to you anyways!!! He was talking to his team, his team's fans, and most importantly, his STATE. I personally found that the “ITS ALWAYS BEEN OHIO AGAINST THE WORLD AND IT WILL CONTINUE TO BE OHIO AGAINST THE WORLD!!” was the most beautiful and eloquent example of the spoken word my little ears have ever heard. But go ahead and let it ruin your day and now week, Idiots.

**Can we bring back the word idiot? It's not extinct yet, but it's certainly lost it's luster for how powerful of an insult that is. Ryan Day should've called Lou Holtz an idiot.