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Ohio State's Ryan Day Cuts WWE Style Promo And Unloads On Lou Holtz In Wild Postgame Interview

Lmao, what the fuck.

Big-time Richard Sherman energy from Ryan Day as Ohio State walks it off on a stunned Notre Dame crowd.

"I want to know where Lou Holtz is right now." - Ryan Day

86-year old Lou Holtz at 11:00PM:

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For those wondering, this is apparently what Lou Holtz said the other day:

Okay, so he talked some shit. But the way Ryan Day said he couldn't believe what Holtz said, you'd have thought the ole bastard went after their families or something. He just destroyed the guy on national TV! Ripped out his insides! I couldn't believe it. You could tell he had been thinking about that for days.

To be fair, I can't really blame Ryan Day, the game was insane…


(poor Frank the Tank)

…and came down to the buzzer, essentially.

Also, if you follow Ohio State fans on Twitter, you know that everyone was calling for Ryan Day to be fired all game long. Now, after that rant, and dropping an "OHIO VS. THE WORLD" reference, he might just be a forever-legend to Buckeye fans …and, he apparently might beat the shit out of Lou Holtz.

Ryan Day, welcome to the Mike Gundy section of college football memes!

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Okay, what are the chances Lou Holtz was asleep? Sorry, if that offends.

The shock on Holtz's face when he reads this in the paper tomorrow while chowing down on some Grape Nuts…