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Selena Gomez Looked DISGUSTED After Hearing Chris Brown's Name At The VMAs Last Night

Selena Gomez did NOT look happy after hearing Chris Brown's name during the nominations at the VMAs last night, and the clip of her reaction is currently going mega-viral.

Now - I know what you're thinking. Here's some pictures of Selena Gomez from last night....


Slay, queen, etc.

I know what else you're thinking, though - why the fuck is Robbie Fox blogging a story about Selena Gomez's disgust after hearing Chris Brown's name?

Normally you'd get a pop culture blog like this from President Kelly Keegs, and if she's busy writing a Taylor Swift blog, Karim may pick up the slack - but I'M scooping up these pageviews today. Swipin em like Swiper in a highway robbery. Why?

I wasn't in the Top 20 Bloggers last week and feel like I gotta do something to boost my numbers this week, because if I just keep blogging about UFC fighters' fruit trees getting cut down by vengeful ex-girlfriends and the like, I won't be there next week either. Karim's Emily Ratajkowski at the VMAs blog is #1 on the site right now, so you're getting a Selena Gomez at the VMAs blog.

Selena doesn't give a fuck that this became a story, by the way....

Why would she? Chris Brown is a known scumbag and she's on her way to becoming a billionaire, is currently in one of the biggest shows on television, and she just started making music again. I think it'll take a lot more than a few memes to upset her at this point.

Anyway, shoutout Selena Gomez - thank you for the pageviews….