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UFC Fighter Bryce Mitchell's "Evil" Ex-Girlfriend Allegedly Destroyed All Of His Fruit Trees And He's Afraid Of What She'll Do Next

UFC fighter Bryce "Thugnasty" Mitchell has taken to social media this afternoon to beg for help from his local community of Searcy, Arkansas after an "evil" ex-girlfriend has allegedly destroyed all of the fruit trees on his property. He says this tattoo-shop-owning vengeful ex is dangerous, has made threats towards all of his animals, and he's terrified of what she may do next.

Mitchell is in Las Vegas at the moment for tonight's Dana White's Contender Series card, so he's just urging his neighbors/community to band together and defend his house Red Dawn style (considering his wife and animals are all alone right now) - and it all sounds pretty scary! 

Luckily, the only thing a vengeful ex could do if she wanted to get back at me is opening all of my action figures and ruining their mint condition value. Maybe they'll cut the strings off my guitars. That ain't so bad, though - I don't have farm animals to endanger or anything. 

Hopefully they work this shit out ASAP and nobody gets hurt. 

Oh, and if you wanna listen to Bryce, don't go to the tattoo shop on Booth Road. Not unless you're evil too.