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Not Enough People Are Talking About How Emily Ratajkowski Was The Real VMAs Winner Last Night

I, like you, had no idea the VMAs were still a thing until I woke up and saw them all over my timeline this morning. You can either have a blog from Keegs about how Taylor Swift was "mothering!" in between her questioning the sex lives of unnamed Barstool employees just for a little bit of Twitter likes to try and finally be relevant, or you can have a real journalist, the undisputed #1 blogger at Barstool Sports tell you about it. And I'm going to play the hits instead of feed you some garbage you don't care about like Taylor winning 9 fake awards.

With that being said, we don't give Emily Ratajowski enough love on this blog. Malcolm Smutler will give you 40 blogs about some random sorority girl before we get one fluff piece on Emrata on here. I won't stand for it! There's been no worse beat recently than that of her ex husband who cheated on her when he was already (respectfully) outkicking his coverage. Emrata has been on the fuck-you revenge tour of a lifetime. Her choice in men has been a little spotty:

But what we can learn is that it gives us "funny" guys a hope at one day obtaining that super model type simply by using your wit and charm. Never give up fellas! In true Emrata fashion, she's also pissed of men on the Internet by glamorizing that earlier mentioned divorce:

But all that means nothing. We're here to talk about the objective facts. And that it's Emily was clearly the best dressed person in the room in whatever zillion dollar Fendi dress that was.

So when we remember the 2023 VMAs, let's remember the timeless performance from one of our GOATs. And this is far too many words for a blog where you just want photos, so there's my cue and I'll see you in the next one!