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Wild Video Of A Guy Bulldozing Through A Police Barrier AND A Restaurant During A Traffic Stop In New York City

I mean what can you even say other than pay these guys more. Most of us show up to work and deal with the most insignificant, inconsequential problems. Cops clock in and run the risk of getting bulldozed to death by a Toyota Camry on a Wednesday. Call me crazy but it seems like that's worth more than the $46k average starting salary. 

As far as the actual chase one could've expected him to get away by driving through the restaurant, which makes his creativity score 10 out of 10. You gotta think outside of the box when you're running for your life and this guy did it. And thank GOD no one was sitting in there because if they were it would've been disastrous. 

Here's another angle of the escape...

No word yet on whether or not the person behind the wheel got away but chances are they did. At least temporarily considering every square inch of New York City is covered in cameras. Anyway, fingers crossed everyone is okay and a huge thank you to the NYPD for keeping us safe. That's it for this one. Thanks for reading.