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The Truce Of The Century Has Happened - Selena Gomez And Hailey Bieber Have Finally Laid Down Their Swords

FINALLY. I wrote a blog a while back about how I no longer fucked with Selena Gomez after she CONTINUED to fan the flames of this rivalry despite knowing what her fans were capable of. This is it! She's decided that Hailey has had enough ridicule to make up for WHATEVER bullshit everyone has compiled online, the so called "pettiness." It got so bad that Hailey had to reach out OFFLINE, to be like "please, Selena, this is fucking insane." I'm glad she listened. Hailey responded as well:

Reading my blog about Selena and Hailey I still align with almost all of it, but I am open to "liking" Selena again. I think she gets lost in the sauce on the internet, forgets that everything you do is public information, and that NOT everything is about her. I'm hoping this gesture of friendship (they even followed each other back on instagram!) will show us all that nothing that happens on the internet is real life, and literally does not matter.