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Hailey Bieber Was "Talking Shit" About Taylor Swift In An Old Viral Tiktok Clip And Of Course Selena Gomez Had To Put In Her Two Cents

I'm done. I'm completely done pretending I like, or fuck with, Selena Gomez. 

Is her music good? Sure. Do I like Only Murders In The Building? Yes. Does she go out of her way to remind us that she is Taylor Swift's Best Friend on a regular basis? Yes, and you would think that would make me love her too. But it's official, I just do not like Selena Gomez as a person. 

First order of business - why is Selena always "the victim" when it comes to Hailey Bieber when she continues to do shit like this? She commented on this RANDOM account, with a clip from I don't even know how long ago (at least 5+ years old, pretty sure they're talking about Reputation which wasn't received well when it first came out), knowing that her "fans" are just going to go after Hailey for it, and that the Swifties are going to go for her too. And lately there have been rumors that Hailey is "shading" Selena in tiktoks with her friends, to the point where Kylie Jenner had to be like "uh, no, you guys are insane." And Selena's comment? "I'm a fan of KYLIE." We get it bitch, you hate your ex's new girl!

As far as I can tell, Selena loves this. She loves being tied to Justin, she loves making Hailey's life hell. She can't just...log off and ignore anything she sees. She's famous and talented with an entire life of her own, pushing everyone to call Hailey a "mean girl"...for what? When is SHE going to grow up? We don't forget, Selena, all of the rumors about YOU over the years. Demi Lovato, Justin Bieber, your whole crew went through a lot of shit with alcohol, drugs and sexual deviance and and somehow you weren't involved at all? Not in a single story? You're the golden girl who can't do anything wrong? Who gets broken up with, like every other girl in the world, and has to harass your ex's new wife continuously, for years?! It's mortifying. You're better than that. You're too famous to be checking social media like this, and I'm actually sorry that you don't have a good enough friend to tell you how much you are embarrassing yourself. I would NEVER let my friends carry on like this. 

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As for her friendship with Taylor - zero chance Taylor wants things like this floating around the internet. She is so far above and over the drama that this hitting her inbox has to be one big eyeroll. Everyone always overlays "Dorothea," Taylor's song about an old friend, whenever we see pics/videos of Taylor and Selena together. But has anyone taken time to really look at the lyrics? 

Hey Dorothea

Do you ever stop and think about me?

When we were younger

Down in the park

Honey, making a lark of the misery

You got shiny friends since you left town

A tiny screen's the only place I see you now

And I got nothing but well wishes for ya


This place is the same as it ever was


But you don't like it that way

Everyone has that friend from childhood, where you've definitely grown apart, you don't really have much in common anymore, but you have that lasting "love" for each other. It's sweet and it doesn't make you any less of "best friends," but the title is out of obligation now. Selena and Taylor declared themselves best friends 15 years ago, and so now they just still are. I always figured this song was from the perspective of someone Taylor grew up with. But I'm really starting to think it's from Selena's perspective, and it's generally a little bitter. Sure, she's saying all the right things "I got nothing but well wishes for you!" coupled with the jab of "a tiny screen's the only place I see you now." 

In conclusion, I'm tired of pretending Selena Gomez is some wounded flower who can't get along in life without cutting down someone else on a regular basis. She's not a victim, she's just a person who got dumped 10 years ago, and she needs to cut this out. She's acting like a pick me AND a mean girl, and she's not entitled to our blind support. SORT IT OUT SELENA!