Aubrey Plaza And Jenna Ortega Presented Together At The SAG Awards, Promising To Curse The Families Of Those Who Set It Up And Wishing Misfortune On Their Bloodlines For Generations To Come

Last night were the SAG awards, which aired live on the Netflix Youtube page as most major networks weren't interested in broadcasting it, and I've got to say - best award show to date. No bleeps on curses, no real commercials, no rudely kicking people off the stage after 10 seconds - a solid 2 hours of funny actors celebrating their accomplishments together. 

Personally I was in tears from start to finish, as every single speech given seemed more heartfelt than any other award show. It's one thing to have your accolades decided by a group of people, it's another when that group of people is made up of ALL your peers. The best part of every speech was the way each person brings up the time they received their SAG card with humble beginnings, a token that signifies inclusion in the SAG union. Just really sweet stuff. 

The next best thing about the SAG awards was this duo of Aubrey Plaza and Jenna Ortega, who ended up presenting the SAG award to Sam Elliot. Everyone has been pushing these two to get together in the same room, noting that Jenna's portrayal of Wednesday Addams is reminiscent of Aubrey Plaza's...portrayal of her own personality. It was cute, funny, and exactly what we all wanted. 

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Who knows if these two will ever actually work together in the future, but this will hold me over for a while. Jenna has Scream VI: NEW YORK CITY coming out any day now and Aubrey has Agatha: Coven of Chaos coming soon too. Witches and Scary Girls uniting as one. ❤️

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