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Fashion Is Stupid And Fake And I Give Up On Trying

Fashion is the dumbest thing ever and I am officially giving up on it. I've been trying to improve my style for years now, dating all the way back to the Call Her Daddy makeover debacle. I've made some progress, but I've recently hit a wall that has sent me into a spiral. On Saturday, I walked around Manhattan for three hours trying to find some cool new clothes to buy. I started at vintage stores where hoodies were $400 and t-shirts with the Tasmanian Devil on it were $200. I do make $4 million per year, but I still can't stomach spending that much on clothes just purely out of principal. And everyone in there looked like some cool skateboarding teenager eager to pound my face into the cement. Very overwhelming. 

So I instead went to buy some new socks after recently learning that ankle socks are out and long socks are in. When I was a kid, the opposite was true and wearing no show socks was the key to being cool. It just goes to show that fashion is a never ending subjective cycle that changes for no good reason. Society says "Oh this looks cool" and then one day they say "Never mind this looks cool now." It's all made up bullcrap!!! Anyway, I bought these Wilson socks since they were longer. 

But after sending them to some friends, I was absolutely eviscerated in group chats. "Noooooo not Wilson." "Where do you even get Wilson socks?" "Are you going to play tennis?" "Are you trying to look like Andre Agassi??" "Get Nike instead!!!" How am I supposed to know this? Why would these socks be magically better with a swoosh instead of the word "Wilson." Why the fuck does that matter. Hell, why does anything matter? 

It just doesn't make sense to me that people can randomly decide one day that one thing looks cooler than another thing and then change their minds a year later. The cycle never ends and I'm tired of trying to keep up. I'm going to wear what I want as long as it's comfortable and doesn't irritate my already sensitive nipples. I think I speak for a large majority of average men in their 20s out there when I say we need to just stop trying to keep up with all these street-wearing, trying to be cool hippies and wear plain, boring, normal clothes that make us comfortable.