The Real Reason Call Her Daddy Denied Me My Makeover


On this week's Please End This, I discussed the real reason Call Her Daddy denied me the infamous makeover that never happened. Sure a lot of people will say "Tommy it's because you're an awkward weirdo that they didn't want to associate themselves with. You're a freak." But that just can't be the truth. I have my own hypothesis about the situation that involve legendary Instagram model Rachel Bush. Watch the full episode to hear about it. We also discussed how fashion is always randomly changing with no rhyme or reason. Apparently short socks are out now? When I was in school, wearing long socks made you a certified weenie. And I was NO WEENIE! Other topics included my ideal type of woman (hot), Caroline got her car stolen or something, Rudy was late, and we did our best movie monologues. People are calling my Joker "bone chilling." 

If you haven't checked out this podcast yet, please give it a shot. This is episode 6 since we rebranded and Rudy and I officially joined full time. It's fun to do and I think you'll like it. But maybe not. And that's okay too! We're on YouTube, iTunes and Spotify. Anyway here's some pictures of Rachel Bush.