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Genius: Jerry Jones Wants Cowboys Fans To Stop Freaking Out Because The 49ers Haven't Won A Super Bowl In 25 Years Too

The Cowboys man. What a beautiful disaster of a franchise. Every year it's the same story and every year it never gets old. They look good. Everyone starts talking about them being a possible Super Bowl winner. People start saying that Dak could be an All-Pro even. Then there's one bad loss in the regular season and we cool off. Then it repeats as we get into the playoffs. 

Then it happens. The Dez catch. The Romo fumble. Dak sucking ass. Whatever it might be, it's glorious and we all laugh at the Cowboys. Then Jerry steps in and says something like this. It's genius. Hey, Cowboys fans, relax. You guys suck in the playoffs but hey the 49ers haven't won either! 

He makes a point. I mean who cares about the 49ers making 7 NFC title games since the Cowboys last made it? Who cares about the 49ers making (and losing) 2 Super Bowls since the Cowboys have? We're not in participation trophy land in Jerry's World. Pretty rude to drag the 49ers into this - who just so happened to beat the Cowboys this year. 

I hope the Cowboys never change. It's like watching easy television. You know slap something on like King of Queens to doze off too. That's the Cowboys. You know the laugh track is coming. You know the jokes are coming but you enjoy it. I hope McCarthy never leaves. I hope Dak keeps getting extensions. I hope everything keeps happening the same.