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The NHL and NHLPA Have Announced That They Are Canceling The World Cup Of Hockey For 2024

It's hard to be disappointed about losing an event that I didn't know was happening, but here we are. That statement by the NHL and NHLPA reads like "Hey, we wanted to play this tournament, but Putin fucked everything up and we can't do a real World Cup without Russia's canceled". I could be wrong, but when they say "current environment" I don't know what else that could mean. 

It sucks, because if you're my age you know how AMAZING this tournament could be because it was in 1996. I still think that was some of the best hockey ever played. Gretzky, Messier, Coffey, Lindros, etc against Leetch, Chelios, Modano, Amonte, Hull and the rest of the Americans in a 3 game tilt to decide the tournament was absolutely electric. As the game has gotten even bigger, better, and more international it felt like 2024 would've been a fantastic time because USA, Canada, Sweden, Finland, and Russia are all still VERY strong. Slovakia is going through a renaissance/new golden generation. Then you have Germany and Switzerland both ascending. You really need 8 strong teams to have a good tournament, which why the NHL did that stupid U23 team or whatever the last time, but now with the countries I listed plus Czech Republic you have 9 strong teams. 

This generation of American stars really has gotten fucked out of being able to compete at the highest level. The NHL quit on the Olympics multiple times. Now the World Cup is canceled. I really REALLY wanted to see an USA team with Kane on a line with Eichel or Matthews. Our program has never been this strong and going head to head with Canada and McDavid/MacKinnon would've been INCREDIBLE hockey and a fantastic opportunity to grow the game here and across the world. Instead...Putin. Not sure what changed between March when they announced and now, but here we are. 

If you haven't had a chance to watch the documentary about the 1996 World Cup, give it a shot.