We've Seen Way Too Many Weird Baseball Injuries For Kyle Schwarber To Be Riding The Bull At Xfinity

Kyle Schwarber is different. I get that. He's a total beauty. Just a unit who loves nothing more than mashing the shit out of the baseball when you can get 10 inch hoagies from Wawa at the low, low price of $6. Guy also loves to do a little bit of partying. So if there's one baseball player out there I feel confident in not getting injured in some freak mechanical bull injury while celebrating advancing to the World Series, it's Kyle Schwarber. 

But still. You go through the never ending list of bizarre baseball injuries. Heck, just the other week Phillies pitcher David Robertson wasn't available for the NLDS because he hurt his calf jumping up and down after Bryce Harper's homer in game 2 of the wild card series. Just feels like riding the mechanical bull yesterday was flying just a bit too close to the sun for my liking. Thank god whoever was operating the bull understood the assignment, though. Could you imagine if they didn't realize that was Schwarber hopping up there and went full throttle? 

Let's just wait until there's a parade down Broad St that ends at the Sports Complex before we toss the big fella on the bull again. And then you can fire that bitch up as fast as you want. 

Sidenote: Thanks to Wawa for the Schwarber thing. Schwarber's bat is going to stay red hot for the next couple weeks.