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Some Knicks Players 'Lost' A Summer Game Because Unlike These Other Dumb Teams, They Care About Their Fans

I don't know who tweeted this but I'm going to get to the bottom of it. Hey, pal, it's called fan building relationships. It's called getting the city behind you. Trot out three players that everyone knows and let some guys 'beat' them. Similar to how some dads let their kids beat them in mini golf or basketball or something (not me though). Make people feel good before they have to go work in accounting on a Tuesday. Pretty simple stuff here. 

My real takeaway? Randle and Obi clearly don't hate each other. I know some Knicks fans are cheering for that. Cheering for a split so the Knicks *have* to trade away Randle. Weird that they keep hanging out this summer. Whether it's here, Vegas, wherever. Randle and Obi seem to be friends. 

Oh and how about our guy IQ

Not so small anymore. That's how you start year 3. 

All I know is this is big brain thinking by the Knicks. This is what happens when you get away from the Dolan stink. Can't wait for 45 wins this year.