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It's NBA Draft Night, Which Means It's Once Again Time For Leon Rose To Put On A Masterclass Of Wheeling And Dealing

Look, I completely get after the last three decades or so worth of drafts that Knicks fans feel like Samuel L. Jackson locked in an amusement park full of dinosaurs with no electricity or security system, just waiting to get eaten alive by everyone on Twitter laughing at us. But that era of the Knicks is as extinct as those motherfucking dinosaurs. 

Last season may have been an utter letdown after the boner fuel to end the 2020-21 season as well as the Bing Bong game to kick things off.

Sidenote: This feels like it happened at minimum 2 seasons ago instead of last season. It's also HILARIOUS that Knicks fans were gatekeeping which other Knicks fans could say Bing Bong after the team's first playoff appearance in almost a decade

But I'm not here to talk about the disappointment of last season or why Alec fucking Burks was the starting point guard for a good chunk of last season as the young guys sat on their asses.

Okay, there was definitely a lot of typical weird Thibs shit last year to go along with the inevitable Year 2 regression. 

But the beauty about tonight is that Thibs has no pull in what happens. Sure he can say the players he wants/doesn't want. However this is the guy making the phone calls and smashing the Accept button on trades while World Wide Wes makes his moves in the shadows.

Which is why I am going to be at ease with whoever the Knicks pick tonight. It doesn't matter if they move up from 11, move down from 11, pick someone at 11 or trade it for a veteran. Just because last season went to shit after our best point guard got hurt, our All NBA forward turned into a mopey turnover machine again, and pretty much every signing ended up being a downgrade from the year before doesn't mean a thing for tonight.

For those who need a refresher, Leon Rose's first draft with the Knicks started with him taking the Naismith Player of the Year that there ain't no stoppin (I'll overlook passing on Tyrese Haliburton because his entire pre-draft situation seemed weird).

Followed by this masterclass is asset trading.

I mean look at that last tweet. How the hell is that even possible? 

Anyway, how did those two young bucks finish last season? Pretty good I guess.

King Leon then continued his wheeling and dealing in last year's draft, that led to another productive rookie in the 20s.

Which again, led to some pretty decent results for guys drafted in the 20s and beyond.

Apologies for the bukakke of tweets in this blog but Thibs really didn't do Knicks fans any favors with playing the young guys enough for me to write some epics like Greenie. The bottom line is that no matter what you think about the Knicks front office or their various level of success with moderate signings that don't clog the cap long term, Leon Rose is usually putting on a clinic when it comes to trading and selecting draft picks. Which considering everything we've seen from MSG this century, I will take in a cocaine heartbeat.

So instead of being worried about what the Knicks may trade for the 4th pick, Malcolm Brogdon, or God forbid give up to clear space for Kyrie Irving, try to rest easy knowing that we appear to have someone that at least knows how to handle the draft portion of the offseason.


Yes I know this song is absurd for the middle aged white dude running a basketball team but as a middle aged white dude writing about a basketball team, I can confirm that this song is and forever will be a motherfucking jam. Now let's go win another draft tonight and pick some players that Thibs will have riding the pine no matter how good they look in limited minutes.

Sorry I take that back. Nothing but positive vibes heading into tonight. In Leon We Trust!!! (Not that we have another option).