Lane Kiffin Threw Out The First Pitch At The Tennessee vs Ole Miss' Baseball Game And Opted To Use The Infamous Golf Ball - Well, Lane Kiffin is in mid-season form.

The Ole Miss coach, throwing out the ceremonial first pitch at the Rebels’ game against Tennessee on Friday - opted for a golf ball instead of a baseball.

The former Vols football coach never lets an opportunity to troll go to waste.

I think Lane Kiffin might be starting to grow on me.

Anybody who can lean in to their public perception as well as he seems to be able to is aright in my book.

So yes, that means I've changed my mind and take back calling him a clown for this ridiculous soundbyte back in October.

Also in October, Kiffin and Ole Miss visited Neyland Stadium, and the game had to be stopped for 20 minutes because fans pelted the field with trash. Among the items thrown on the field was the golf ball, vape pens, a bottle of mustard, and other unique items Tennesseeans have on them. (No dildos though).

Ole Miss hung on and survived the barrage of trash and a last-gasp effort from the Vols to secure a 31-26 win in Knoxville.

Not to be outdone, Tennessee instituted a mustard bottle into their home run celebration.

Knox News - Tennessee baseball added some sauce to its home-run celebration Friday at Ole Miss.

The Vols had a mustard bottle on hand, a homage to the mustard bottle that was thrown on the field at Neyland Stadium during Tennessee's 26-21 loss to Ole Miss in October.

Vols outfielder Kyle Booker brought the mustard bottle from the dugout and tossed it to outfielder Jared Dickey following Dickey's second-inning homer.

UT is using a "daddy" hat as a home-run prop for the third straight season. It added a fur coat to the celebration mix this season. Catcher Evan Russell provided both items.

The Vols also ROUTED Ole Miss in this game, 12-1 which if you've followed along is classic Kiffin and wouldn't want it any other way.