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Lane Kiffin Is A Clown


The mic (headphone) drop, and the stare for extra effect were a nice touch.

I totally get putting on this act in the locker room for your players. You want to project that killer attitude onto them to get any edge you can when going up against Alabama. And I get this matchup had a big personal component involved for Kiffin, being that Saban had a severe mental lapse a few years ago and hired this charity case. But save it for the locker room and your guys Lane. Not sweet little Jaime Erdahl.

This isn't the WWF. It's the SEC. You aren't a heel, and you are in Nick's house.

The popcorn wasn't even out of the microwave before this one was over.

28-0 at the half.

Nick rested most of his starters, Bama's BIg Al came out for the second half wearing a popcorn bucket and the facial was officially delivered.

Final- 42-21.