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Tommy Tanks Has Gone Liftoff Once Again - Now Has 8 Homers In His First 7 Games At NC State

NC State played baseball today which meant Freshman phenom Tommy Tanks went yard. Fresh off his two homer performance last night that swept social media, the Tank was back at it again launching one over the right center field wall for a two run Johnson. That's 8...count 'em EIGHT dingers in his first seven games of college ball. What a way to start your college career. 

A little background on the kid. This isn't a fluke...Tommy Tanks was a standout graduate at IMG Academy and one of the top high school prospects in the country heading into this year. He wasn't sure how high he'd go if he entered the MLB draft so the Tank enrolled at NC State to further showcase his talents. Safe to say he's doing that right now. I'd personally have no problem slotting him in between Judge and Stanton right now. 

I also love what his head coach Elliot Avent had to say about him

"Such a refreshing, old-school, loves-to-play-baseball player. That is just refreshing He’s that old-school guy," Avent said via video chat. "The thing about Tommie… he just likes to win. It ain’t about Tommy White. It’s not the 'Tommy White Show.' It’s not about how he does. He wants his team to beat your team on that given day." (source)

If you're not a Tommy Tanks guy then I don't want to know you

P.S. How about Quinnipiac putting it on NC State today? Currently up 9-3 


NC State figured things out