Woman Says Her Headlights (Nipples) Won't Turn Off (Stop Being Rock Hard) After Covid Vaccine (Pfizer)

So everyone's been pointing out to me that in all my videos you can see my headlights. My headlights are on. 

Eugene Triguba. Unsplash Images.

"Your headlights are on. I can see your thingies."

Yes I know. I can't help it. And I'm trying to work out why that's happening, especially on a 40 degree (celsius) day, and I worked out that I had the double vaccination and I had Pfizer. Now, ever since then my headlights have been on. 40 degree day, headlights on. Walking around the supermarket, headlights on. Laying in front of a heater, headlights on. Has anyone else had this problem because of the vaccination or am I the only person that's just stuck with their high beams on all the fucking time?

First of all, the comments are a cornucopia of who I assume are freshly divorced, middle aged dads on their internet A game which I very much appreciated:

Pretty sure that last guy is a PFT burner account. 

Second, if you want to see what she's talking about, fine, click HERE

Third, jokes aside I didn't believe her at all. But then I asked Brandon Walker if he got vaccinated and lo & behond… Pfizer, double shot. Stone cold, rock hard. 

Weird stuff. Can anyone explain this??