The Dan Snyder Curse Continues: Chase Young Officially Out For The Season After Tearing His ACL


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It's so brutal, man. So brutal. Chase Young was supposed to be THE man. Face of the franchise. All-time talent. Bring the Washington Football Team out of the basement and into the penthouse. He had a great start to his career last season, and then this season has had a bit of a sophomore slump. The sack numbers aren't there, and the defense has been abysmal. And now, a torn ACL. Done for the season. If fucking sucks. I hate it. 

I don't know really what else to say. It's just the Dan Snyder Curse. I've been talking about it for what, 10 years now? And it's true. Dan Snyder has cursed this team. FedEx Field is cursed. The entire operation is cursed. It never, ever gets better. We see glimmers of hope and then something like this happens. And obviously he's not the first player to fall to the Curse:



Someone put Terry McLaurin in bubble wrap ASAP.