Denise Richards In Wild Things Takes Us Into The Weekend

So yesterday Chief blogged about Jennifer Love Hewitt, I responded in kind by raising him with one about Sarah Michelle Gellar to help promote Dog Walk, which you can watch on YouTube right now.

Then out of the blue today Reags decided to declare a blog battle with an Elisha Cuthbert entry. During lunch time no less!

Now I have written too many blogs and engaged in too many wank battles to just stand idly by as someone tries to outsmut me. Which is why I am ending this battle once and for all by dropping what is in essence a Barstool nuke. Denise Richards' scenes from Wild Things (I never know what to do with the infamous Wild Things threesome scene since softcore porn has always seemed aggressive even when we were in full pirate ship mode but here it is in all its extremely NSFW glory).

Let's check out the Reags Cam to see what happened to him once I hit the Publish button.

Giphy Images.

Game, blouses.

Now if you will excuse me, I have a night full of Rough N Rowdy boxing to watch and I suggest you join. If not for the rednecks beating the snot out of each other then for the ring girl contest ya horn dog.

Have a great weekend everybody!