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This Is Hands Down The Hottest Scene Ever Involving Jennifer Love Hewitt

Fellas...I've got Jennifer Love Hewitt on the brain and have for a week now since we recorded the Teen Movies. Hands down the hottest girl of my youth. An all-time smoke in Can't Hardly Wait. A dream girl. Perfectly cast in that movie. I wish I was able to get it. 

Having said that...her hottest role came a few years later in the movie "Heart Breakers". Is it single handedly the hottest non-nude scene I think I've ever seen. It gave me a secretary/office fetish that I will likely never be able to explore. It all stems from this scene with her and Ray Liotta's face. Prime time JLH

I have no idea what she is up to now. No idea why she can't get big roles. I feel like she could play Jackie Kennedy now for some sort of 60th anniversary assassination bio pic series and crush it. I think the last thing show she did she just gave happy ending massages on cable TV. Not a bad premise. Again, expertly casted with her as the lead, but she has more in the tank. I hate thinking that Amanda from Can't Hardly Wait was reduced to being a rub and tug girl.