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Call Him Daddy: Internet-Famous Influencer Matches With Her Dad (As In Father) On Sugar Baby Website

DAILY MAILAn influencer and sugar baby says that she found her own father on a sugar daddy dating website — and they've never spoken about the awkward encounter.

Ava Louise, 22, shared the very uncomfortable experience on TikTok, where her video has been viewed nearly a million times.

'When I found my father on the sugar daddy dating website I was using,' she wrote, recording her shocked and disgusted reaction.

Quick digression but I think that if someone put a gun to my head and asked me a question with an extremely long and complex and nuanced answer — “why is the world horrible every day all the time” — but with only 10 seconds on a timer to respond, “because your way of making a living can be un-ironically reported in a news article from a legitimate media outlet by the professional title 'An Influencer and Sugar Baby’" would be in the Top 3 options of my immediate mental list. At least. Maybe 1. 

But, anyway, this story: bringing a new dimension to the “daddy” sexual revolution.  At least for Influencer and Sugar Baby Ava Louise, who found out just how powerful (and literal) the SeekingArrangements search engine is. 

When you’re looking for Daddy and get matched with your father.

To be clear, she knows her father — like, he’s in her home, with her mom, to whom he is married.  Going into the article I was under the impression she was literally finding her dad for the first time, some deadbeat who long ago took a 30 year drive to the cigarette store.  Like an thing, only instead of a crack team of geneticists and cutting-edge DNA technology she was swiping a finger on a smartphone looking to land a very lonely and extremely horny man to ~~spend quality time with~~ and get showered with gifts and debt relief and tropical vacations for nothing more than how quality her time spending was.  Everyone’s climb up the family tree is different. 

Seems a lot less romanticized and a lot more awkward when dad’s downstairs like searing scallops for dinner asking your mom how Book Club was. Let alone when birthdays and Christmas rolls around. Makes you look at that Cartier bracelet Santa brought you this year in a bit of a new light. 

Oh, and I didn’t choose “Cartier bracelet" from the word-jumble in my head or because of my high-class taste and lifestyle.   That’s what Dad literally bought for the mom when he got ratted out. 

Ava's parents are still together, and when she told her mother what happened, she said her dad 'bought her a Cartier bracelet.' 

Though she didn't share any more details about her father's account — or any awkward interactions they may have had since — her video did inspire commenters to share similar stories.

Ava may have found it a little weird, but I bet it piqued the interest of the Sugar Baby in her at least.  Old lady getting a Cartier as an apology…imagine what the Babies he wants to fucSpend Quality Time With get?

But let’s get to know the real her a little better, her hopes and dreams, philosophies, views on monogamy and female objectification and best-practices for the viral pandemic. Things like that.

Here’s Ava Louise explaining the Sugar Baby lifestyle to VICE a few years ago, if anyone is interested or lonely and horny maybe.

Ava previously spoke about her sugar baby side hustle, telling Vice in 2019 about how she got started as a sugar baby while majoring in public relations in college. 

'Freshman year of college, my friends were like, "Oh my god, we're all on this site,"' she said of 

'For me, I made it very clear on my profile what I'm looking for. That's completely platonic, nothing sexual,' she said. 'There's all different kinds, ways of being a sugar baby. Like, it can be sex work if you make it sex work.

She also showed off her profile, with a heading that said 'looking to network' with a smiley face emoticon.

'I make sure I show up wearing something expensive, like super nice, and I'll sit down and talk to them,' she said. 'I empower them and make them feel like they can offer me so much.

'So it's fulfilling them in a different way than sexually,' she added. 

Interviews with VICE, Tik-Tok virality…the dual-career path isn’t the only evidence she’s extremely ambitious to be extremely online.  You may actually recognize her if you’ve been keeping up with Barstool the past few years. 

Been bugging you where you’ve seen that face before? 

It was probably from when a tongue extended from it to sloppy toppy a toilet seat.  

She went big time viral for that one, the old-fashioned way, no quality time needed to be spent. Just point, shoot and lick.

Another time she was featured was kind of the same thing but with slightly different variables: she fucked Lana Rhodes boyfriend.

And she was able to do it by parlaying her well-earned “Dr. Phil Fame” which she came across by unleashing a quote of the decade:

A one-woman internet wrecking crew.

I don’t think I ever knew what love was until this moment. 

(via Daily Mail)